Reviewed by Alyssa Katanic

First off, you have to get ZooBorns Cats! because it is the stinking cutest book ever! I chose it for my soon-to-be nine-year-old daughter – who is the typical kitty and horse loving little girl – because of the adorable pictures that I knew she would love. What I didn’t expect was all of the great information and the variety of wildcat species that Bleiman and Eastland were able to capture.

Many of the cats that Bleiman and Eastland have included are extremely rare and, for some, this is the first time they have had their picture printed. Each species of wildcat pictured includes its common name, native location, and information about its habits and where it falls on the endangered list. My personal favorites are the sand cats of the Arabian Desert. Not only are they gorgeous, but those little kitties eat venomous snakes! I told my husband that I won’t be moving anywhere with snakes like that unless he gets me a sand cat!

With the wonderful photography, an adorable subject matter, and great information that is included in ZooBorns Cats!, there is much to love about this book. One negative aspect for me is that there are very few pictures of the adult cats included and most of the adult cats shown are the lions and tigers that we are familiar with. I understand that the book is concentrated on newborns, but I would love to see how these rare kitties, that I’ve never heard of, look as adults.

My daughter has about four weeks yet before her birthday and I can’t wait to give her this book! In the mean time, I hate to wrap it just yet because that would mean I couldn’t sneak a peak at these cute kitties!

Did I mention that every sale of this book supports the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conservation Endowment Fund? As if you need another reason to get your own copy… and another as a gift!

Rating: 5/5

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Alyssa is a wife and stay at home, homeschooling mother of five, with two boxers, two cats, a soft shelled turtle named after Bob the Builder, and 7 frogs (admittedly a homeschooling project gone froggy). In all her spare time, she loves to read and believes that there is no such thing as having too many books!

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