Reviewed by Garret Rose

Alexandra Potter takes the reader on a satirical and different type of romance through the canals of Venice and the streets of Manhattan in her new novel, You’re (Not) the One.

Lucy Hemmingway is an eighteen-year-old art student who is magically whisked away by Nate, another college student from Harvard. Venice was the birthplace of their romance and as the perfect relationship is about to end because the semester is over, the two love birds take the advice of a mysterious observer and confirm their love while passing under a seemingly magical bridge at sunset. The passionate and fun-loving couple commits to never drift away from each other once they go their separate ways.

Just when the corny gag-meter is about to explode, the reader finds themselves ten years later in New York looking at the world through the eyes of Lucy in her first-person account of life after Nate, her one true love. After Venice they stayed in touch, but nothing else ever materialized. Always the hopeless romantic, Lucy dreams of Nate and shares her story with anyone who will listen. But just when fate (or Nate for that matter) literally walks back into her life, she begins a new journey that may never let her get away from him. The years have changed them and after a brief rekindling, they find themselves at a crossroads: can they get rid of each other?

At times this novel feels formulaic, like one is reading an episode of “Sex and the City,” while at other times, Lucy’s dilemma is entertaining and genuine. What Potter does very well is she plays with the characters a little. Just when you think one character is a flat player, she gives a new dimension that makes them more intriguing. She also does this with round characters and makes them appear more one-dimensional and flat.

You’re (Not) the One is a humorous and engaging page turner for the hopeless romantic in all of us as well as the average reader looking for something written outside the box.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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