6a00d83452bd4369e201287677a4c4970cReviewed by Abby A.

How much easier would planning our lives be if we all had a simple book to tell us just how well our year would go? While things aren’t this simple yet, Your Astrology Guide 2010 by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer comes painfully close. The book serves as a source of knowledge when it comes to astrology, laying out the fine details of every zodiac sign within the first few chapters. Those who can’t tell their Moon Sign from their Sun Sign will be pleased to find an exhaustive description of both and more.

However, while the book appears thick and lengthy, this is in fact very deceiving. Beyond the last few pages, a Piscean like myself will not have much purpose for the book. Once you’ve gone past all the pleasantries of an introduction, the remainder of the book is divided into the eleven other signs of the zodiac. Of course, this is to be expected unless one buys a book solely focused on the sign of their choosing.

Despite its only common flaw, Your Astrology Guide 2010 has easily become my guide for the days to come. Peeking ahead to the months in the future, using its in-depth week-by-week analysis, I foresee a good year for myself – a gift I have Levine and Jawer to thank for.

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