young jane austen book coverReviewed by Christen Krumm

There are quite a few volumes available on Jane Austen’s life, but rarely are her younger years covered. I have always been fascinated by writer’s lives—especially favorites like Jane Austen. How did she become a writer? When did she fall in love with the written word? Lisa Pliscou’s Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer gives a quick glimpse into the very young years of the beloved Jane Austen.

There are three different sections to this book. First there is the story. It follows Jane, or Jenny as she is called, from birth until her first writings. Next there are the annotations and finally Piscou wraps everything up with notes, further readings, bibliography, and an index. As with many annotated classics, the annotations were my favorite. I also found Piscou’s notes delightful.

I think it would be a shame to skip over a most wonderful part of the book and not mention the beautiful illustrations by Massimo Mongiardo. The sketches throughout the book, along with the floral borders on each page, give this biography an eye appeal that make it enjoyable for both the younger and older Austen fans.

I am really excited about getting to pass this book down to my daughter. To pass along my love of Austen. I love that this book is quick to read—I read it in almost one setting. And with its beautiful illustrations, it will appeal to the young and old. I can see this being a book enjoyed for years to come—both for me and my daughter.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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