Reviewed by Alysia George

Being in a certain place at exactly the right moment could forever alter the course of a life. Minor events, such as an alarm not going off, missing a bus, or canceling plans at the last minute, have the potential to make a huge impact, one which may never be known. The possibilities are endless.

In You Never Know the main character Tobias finds his life turning out quite differently than he had planned. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time claims the lives of his parents and seriously injures his teen aged brother, thereby leading Tobias to make the most difficult decision of his young life. That decision in turn leads to relationships that will further change the course of his life.

Years later, when a split second decision leads to Tobias missing his train and then getting in the wrong line to buy a coffee, he winds up buying a lottery ticket instead. That ticket, which he would have otherwise never thought to buy, changes everything. Throughout the book, there are many twists and turns that could have turned quite differently if only; if only someone had not overheard a conversation, if only someone else had read a letter years earlier, if only a certain nurse had not been on duty. Tobias struggles to keep his family intact through it all.

Reading You Never Know, I found myself quite invested in the outcome of Tobias’ story. I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. While I did enjoy the book very much, and would happily recommend it to a friend, it did at times feel somewhat impersonal; as if an outsider was telling the story. I craved to be in the minds of Tobias and the other main characters more, to really know what they were thinking.

Rating: 4/5

Alysia lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and four children. She writes about family life, parenting issues, and other things of interest to her on her blog, Michigal.

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