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About the book (publisher’s description)

World, Chase Me Down is a thrilling debut historical Western by Andrew Hilleman.

As if channeling Mark Twain and Charles Portis, Hilleman resurrects the legend of Pat Crowe, a forgotten, real-life Robin Hood–like outlaw who committed the first great crime of the 20th century: the revenge kidnapping of the son of an Omaha meatpacking tycoon. More than 100 years have gone by since the fevered cross-country manhunt for Crowe was dubbed “the thrill of the nation.”

After five years on the run, Crowe returned to Omaha in police custody and was greeted by more people upon his arrival than President Theodore Roosevelt was greeted by when he made a campaign stop in Omaha during his reelection bid. With prose as visceral and gritty as the American frontier, Hilleman pens an unforgettable saga the likes of which are resurgent in the entertainment world—think The Magnificent Seven, The Hateful Eight, Deadwood, and True Grit­—and that calls to mind some of America’s best novelists, like Allan Gurganus and Patrick DeWitt.

Check out this amazing interactive World, Chase Me Down map where you can follow Pat Crowe on his journey across the globe running from the law!

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