working memory advantage book coverReviewed by Poppy Johnson

A person’s working memory is the recall that is necessary to use on a daily basis to solve most of life’s pressing problems. The human brain possesses too much information today and does most of the tasks well when forced to multi-task. However, if we make an effort to consciously process information slowly, our brains only become more proficient at what they need to do.

The authors start with explaining the purpose of the brain and how it functions (beginning with the prefrontal cortex and highlighting each area of the brain). The Working Memory Advantage: Train Your Brain to Function Stronger, Smarter, Faster gives tips for prioritizing information better, adapting easily to new situations, staying motivated to achieve long term goals, remaining positive in trying times, and even tips to help a person become a better athlete.

The book has three parts, and 13 full chapters. Part I covers the working memory and the person, Part II reviews growing and improving the working memory, and Part III discusses the past and future of working memory. The book uses real life case scenarios to describe how one can manage thinking in new ways in order to problem solve more effectively. There are short reviews of the materials, informal examples and quizzes, and solutions to help the reader manage the information and use it later in real life situations. I especially liked the example of the loci method which described how to best remember a laundry list of items. In order to improve recall, it is best to link the characters and information with familiar places or create a story around whatever needs to be remembered. These techniques work to show how to manage information and develop a working memory.

I would highly recommended this book to readers who need to problem solve and to manage large amounts of information creatively in order to develop solutions quickly and efficiently. The book can also be used to help managers train others to be more productive in their jobs.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

After a decade of working in several NYC law departments and teaching, Poppy decided she enjoyed writing full-time. She currently works as a freelance writing consultant, and lives with her husband and sons on the East Coast.

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