Reviewed by Erin McKibbin

Within the space between two worlds exists the last of the 13 faire roads – the Dark Street. Situated on the North end of the street are the Iron Gates. These gates connect Dark Street to New York City at precisely 12am every night. At the South end of the street are the odious Glass Gates. These gates lead to the world of the fairies and were sealed 500 years ago by the great magicians at the end of the Faire Wars. Dead center of Dark Street is the Pendulum House which is home to the Wizard. Between the gates and surrounding the wizard, an entire community arose, complete with museums, theaters, dress shops, and casinos.

It was into this world that the Wizard’s apprentice and niece was born and it was in this world that she wished to resign her apprenticeship and, instead, become a criminal investigator like her departed father. Oona Crate, a natural magician, despised her magical abilities and wished to peruse a life of logic and science. Orphaned at a young age, 12-year-old Oona formally sets her apprenticeship aside only to be caught up in an intrigue involving her uncle’s apparent murder and a crime wave that threatens the very stability of Dark Street.

The Wizard of Dark Street is a brilliant mix of fantasy, adventure, and mystery for the young reader (and the adult one as well!). Shawn Thomas Odyssey does a fantastic job of creating a captivating mystical world where magic lives right alongside the mundane. Odyssey combines the best of Rowling and Christie to create a new genre: Fantastical Mystery.

Rating: 5/5

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