Reviewed by Jen Kulman

We could not tear ourselves away from this book, literally! Adorable pops are adorned with a staggering array of toppings and decorations – the result is just a mesmerizing display. Although we have yet to put stick to treat, we’re having a fabulous time pondering the possibilities. I had previously seen and heard of cake pops, but I had no idea how many ideas had sprung forth on this concept. Wilton makes the possibilities seem positively endless!

The first chapter explains the basic principles of pop making. The classic cake pop is crumbled cake (baked, then cooled) mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and dunked into melted candy. Alternatively, you could pack this mixture into silicone molds for shapes beyond simple balls. Or skip the crumbling option and bake cake batter, brownie or cookie dough right in the molds. Even rice krispy treats can be cut into cute shapes or pressed into molds. Step one seems manageable to me: choose your base.

Step two is much, much harder. This is when you must decide how to decorate your naked pops. And this is where we ran astray, struck by the hundreds of adorable choices. The second chapter alone provides roughly one dozen choices per page on each of twelve pages. The dips and toppings (a huge array of colored sugars and shaped sprinkles) used for each pop are listed, but there are not specific instructions. Rather, the materials are listed for each pop and you would use the photograph as the guide to apply the toppings. Some of the pops are just rolled in the toppings, while others are applied in a pattern, but using the photos as a guide is instruction enough.

The next three chapters are filled with more intricate pops and provide greater instruction. Some of these are just … wow! Choices include itty bitty slices of cherry pie, ballerinas, pirates complete with polka-dotted bandanas and eye patches, a flock of flamingos, and even some tiny tacos. You name it, Wilton has figured out how to make it into an adorable pop. I can see how people could get a little caught up in making these. There’s a seemingly perfect pop for every occasion and all are cute as can be. If you are considering trying your hand at pop making, Pops! Sweets on a Stick would be an excellent guide. Just realize that if you show up once with a plate filled with cuties like these, you’ll be expected to produce on a regular basis.

Rating: 4.5/5

I have 5 copies of Pops! Sweets on a Stick to give away, courtesy of Wilton!

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