14296394Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Jerden is a looker…and he stuns Sara Shield when she sees him for the first time…completely naked and astride her horse! Jerden is a rare breed of alien, Zetithian. His heritage makes him a “terrific lover” and he knows it. His background is a tad sketchy and in his own words, he has “serviced plenty of women”. When he meets Sara, and discovers that she doesn’t feel any outward desire for him, he knows she will be different. Jerden suffered a huge loss in his past – the murder of his lover by a deranged woman. He doesn’t think he can truly feel or care again, but he might have spoken too soon. Sara awakens feelings in him that he has not had since Audrey, his lost love.

Sara and Jerden’s relationship is both humorous and fun to read about. Sara isn’t looking for a serious relationship – or any kind of relationship – and tends to ignore Jerden or treat him as an acquaintance. It is funny to see how Jerden reacts; the reader will love when Jerden begins to sort through his confusing feelings for Sara. Thankfully, their relationship is not one of those “insta-love” types that lead the reader to suspect the relationship has no basis. Sara eventually admits that Jerden might be a good friend and even someone who could potentially be more than a friend. Their relationship develops fully over the course of the novel and the reader will likely find the relationship’s development sweet. The other characters add humor and detail to the plot.

The plot itself isn’t full of action and consists more of dialogue than anything else. Wildcat IS a romance book, so potential readers should note tat the plot focuses around the development of Jerden and Sara’s relationship. Can Sara heal Jerden’s broken heart? Can two very different people, from different species, be happy together? This is a perfect book to take on an airplane or to the beach and is perfect for romance-loving adults.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Krystal is a young college student who loves meeting new authors and finding great books! Her favorite place to read is the Botanic Gardens.

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