Reviewed by Darin Godby

John Ortberg does it again by writing a very rewarding and uplifting book. In Who Is This Man? John deals with who Jesus truly was as well as many of the events that surrounded His life. I feel that a very important statement found in the book was: “If someone’s legacy will outlast their life, it usually becomes apparent when they die.” Christians everywhere as well as many other faiths will declare that Jesus certainly has a legacy that has only grown with time. Jesus dealt with many of the issues that others wanted to avoid such as: marriage, divorce, women, slavery, loving one’s enemies, hypocrisy and so much more.

Who Is This Man? provides an opportunity for believers to search within their lives and see if what they believe is because of what Jesus declared and why He was here or if it is based on tradition or being unwilling to stretch one’s mind. Opening our minds is something that Jesus was trying to teach His disciples as well as the religious leaders of that day to do. When a person has a closed mind then in fact they tune out many of the learning opportunities that constantly surround them.

John later looks at the events that affect the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Christ’s life during the crucifixion and resurrection. The New Testament church has moved their day of worship from the Sabbath (Saturday) to The Lord’s Day (Sunday) to celebrate His resurrection. There is also a great list of footnotes and resources if the reader wishes to embark on an in depth study of this book.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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