who is santa book coverReviewed by Sarah Dalton

Who is Santa? opens with Santa and Mrs. Claus living in a place called the North Forest. The time frame is not specified other than to indicate that this was a long time ago. Santa and Mrs. Claus are fairly well to do and so she spends her days cooking, baking, and making candy. He spends his time making toys. Piles and piles of fabulous toys that he stockpiles in the outbuildings of their family farm. The toys serve no purpose other than the joy Santa gets when he makes them. They are precious to him and no one is allowed to touch them. Eventually, Mrs. Claus is able to make Santa see how wonderful it feels to give the toys as gifts and his goal becomes to give away all of his beloved toys to the children in the North Forest.

Over time, Santa and Mrs. Claus decide to move away from their home and travel farther north. They want to relocate to the very fringes of civilization because their generosity has garnered them unwelcome attention. We follow the Clauses as they move as far north as they can, make new friends, find the elves, and start really getting into the swing of this Christmas thing. The author has fun telling stories about the invention of the candy cane, how Santa got his sleigh, taught reindeer to fly, and other aspects of the Santa mythology.

When I originally read the synopsis of this book, I thought it was a historical book about the origins of the Santa character so this story was not what I expected and it took me a few chapters to get into the groove. Once my mind was able to get into the story I enjoyed it as a light read. There were a few times when typos or formatting issues distracted me and interrupted the flow of the story. Those can easily be fixed in future versions.

This is a fun and easy read and I enjoyed reading a chapter to my kids every night. The flow interruptions I mentioned above may have been more pronounced for me at times because I was reading aloud. It is a cute book with the author’s unique take on the Santa and Mrs. Claus characters.

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