15721628Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Cat is the type of girl that many of us wish to be. She has her own apartment in New York City as well as access to some of the hottest clubs. Many of us would find it difficult to see through the glamour, but underneath all of the shine, Cat lives a difficult life. She endured emotional and physical abuse from her mother and abandonment from her father. After she finally finds the courage to leave her mother, she seeks out her absent father – a man willing to pay the rent, but not willing to sit down and actually talk to his own child. Naturally, these memories make it very hard for Cat to form any real, sustaining relationships with other people. Cat knows that she has trouble with that facet of her life and feels badly about it. In order to run from her past, Cat ends up in night clubs and escaping into New York City’s crowds. What will happen to Cat when she finds someone worth coming out of her shell for?

Cat’s character had a lot of depth to it. At the end of White Lines, I felt like I knew her very well. She hasn’t had the best life, but remains generally optimistic and friendly. I knew that she tried her best and felt that she came up short in her father’s eyes. When I put the book down, I knew right away that I would remember Cat for a long time. The other characters were interesting and did add to the story, but they didn’t leave such a large impression. I really loved the way the author developed the characters and incorporate both humorous and serious dialogue. This book is perfect for young adult and teen readers.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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