large_40_1694668042_Rebecca Wade The Whispering HouseReviewed by Amanda Farmer

If you have a child who is just starting to get into chapter books or one who doesn’t quite like to read, then give The Whispering House a try. It’s wonderfully written and will capture the attention of any reader, young or old. It has everything from a haunted house, to a book of fairy tales to a creepy doll found in a dusty attic.

The story opens with the readers meeting Hannah and Sam. Hannah has just moved into Cowleigh Lodge (a house that was built one hundred and forty years ago and has a disturbing past) while her family’s home is being repaired, and she starts to have dreams of fairy tales and a mysterious child named Maisie who died at the age of eleven. With the help of her best friend Sam, the two embark on a journey to discover what happened to Maisie and try to find out how Hannah is connected to her. Hannah’s dreams become more detailed and she starts to fear falling asleep.

As the reader is pulled into the story, we discover the history behind Cowleigh Lodge and the previous occupants, including Maisie. Hannah soon realizes that Cowleigh Lodge is slowly reverting back to its original form, to the house Maisie knew. What does the house want with Hannah?

Hannah has several waking dreams that seem very realistic to her which frighten her and she starts to see Maisie out of her dreams. Sam also at one point talks to Maisie when she possesses Hannah, which frightens them all.

This story is not too frightening and will keep your attention to the end. It will keep you guessing about Maisie’s past and what she wants with Hannah. I really enjoyed reading The Whispering House and will be passing it along to my nephew who is starting to show an interest in books.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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