while i'm falling book coverReviewed by Jenny R.

I’ve seen discussions by several different bloggers in which they talk about how their impressions of a book change over time. You might love a book when you first finish it only to later realize it was pretty forgettable after all. Or you may think a book was just ‘meh’ — not so great — and then realize later it has stayed with you in a way you did not expect.

That was how I felt with While I’m Falling by Laura Moriarty. I “read” (audio book) The Rest of Her Life last year, really enjoyed it and had high hopes for this one. In While I’m Falling, Victoria, a junior in college, is living every girl’s typical college experience when her parents unexpectedly separate. They were living the outwardly perfect marriage until the father came home one day to find another man in his wife’s bed.

The infidelity and consequent separation lead to the demise of the parents as Victoria knew them. She finds herself moving from the position of a child to that of the adult having to care for her parents. Moriarty tackles that awkward moment when you realize your parents aren’t the perfect adults you may have once thought they were.

There were some things I didn’t care for in While I’m Falling, and my initial feelings were ones of dislike towards the book in general. The plot seemed a little stifled. Conflict would arise but then fizzle out without having moved in any direction. A few times I wondered what the point was or where that storyline went. I disliked both the parents, but especially the mother. I believe the reader was supposed to have some empathy for the mother, but I found her ridiculous.

The overall tone was glum, and the main character, Veronica, was pretty depressing. The narration maintained my interest at times and lost me at others. And although most of the book was from Veronica’s point of view, there were one or two chapters from the mother’s point of view; the randomness of that threw me off.

My initial thoughts upon finishing the book were that the author could have made her points with a more engaging storyline (and I still agree with that impression). I was sure this would be a forgettable book. But like an aftertaste, I held onto something and I realized I liked the main character after all, despite her sullenness. I didn’t care for the family and all the situations, but then, neither did Veronica most of the time. She managed with what she had and grew a little as a person throughout.

While I’m Falling was just okay in my book. I would recommend it if you’re already a fan of Laura Moriarty, but otherwise, I wouldn’t start with this one.

Jenny is a social worker in her late twenties who lives with her husband and Jack Russell Terrier in the central Florida area. In her “free” time she loves reading books of all genres. She also reviews books on her book blog TakeMeAway.

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