Please welcome James R. Anderson, author of What Must I Do To Be Saved?, who is touring the blogosphere with Pump Up Your Book!

Reviewed by Darin Godby

Author James R. Anderson does a wonderful job of answering the question that is also the title of his book: “What Must I Do To Be SAVED?”. He uses scriptures from the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation, to answer this question. He gives very detailed answers and does not leave a stone unturned.

What Must I Do To Be Saved? can be used as a casual read or, if the reader is so inclined, for a more detailed study into this question. This would also make for a good textbook in a Bible College or Seminary to help the students use scripture to interpret the question for themselves. Many times we are taught to just express the thoughts and views of a particular church rather than allowing scripture to reveal its own truth. James does the opposite by using the scriptures to address this question rather than pushing his own personal thoughts, church history or other resources.

I enjoyed reading this book and found it very insightful and helpful. Where scriptures seem to contradict themselves, the author gives a much deeper look into the original meaning and the use of certain words or phrases during the time they were written.

What Must I Do To Be Saved? will help readers understand that coming to salvation isn’t as complex and complicated as others would make it out to be; it is really rather simple. This book breaks down the scriptures in great detail and discusses what happens not only during the point of salvation, but after that initial point of conversation as well. A very rewarding and helpful read!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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