welcome to the symphony book coverReviewed by Amanda Schafer

One of the best ways to get kids interested in classical music is to just expose them to it on a regular basis. Have it playing from the time they are little. But what can you do to help explain to a child who hasn’t been exposed to classical music and symphonies exactly what they are? In Welcome to the Symphony, Carolyn Sloan takes on this project by combining a love of music and a love of books and creating something that is fun, engaging, and educational.

Throughout the book there are three mice who are watching as an orchestra comes together to play a symphony. They learn about what a symphony is, how an orchestra is directed, and what instruments make up the orchestra. What makes this book even more unique and fun is that it’s interactive! At different points in the story, the child gets to press a button and make music of their own. Each of the instruments described in the book can be heard along with portions of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. When a particular instrument is being described, there is information provided about the history of the instrument, what it’s made of, and how it’s played. For a book with less than 30 pages there is a great deal of information!

I read Welcome to the Symphony with my 5-year-old daughter and she was truly excited to press the buttons and hear the music. The mice had her giggling as we turned the pages too. When she was finished reading it, she continued pressing the instrument buttons in order to figure out which instrument was her favorite…instruments she’d never heard of before reading this book!

Whether you’re wanting to read the book for fun or if you’re trying to introduce your child to something new, Welcome to the Symphony will not disappoint.  It’s cute, colorful, and full of information!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Amanda lives in Missouri with her engineering husband, two sons, and one daughter. In between homeschooling and keeping up with church activities she loves to read Christian Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and any Chick-Lit. She never goes anywhere without a book to read!

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