weirdo book coverReviewed by Melanie Kline

Weirdo was a completely appropriate title for this book. The weirdo was supposed to be the main character, Corinne Woodrow, but I found the real weirdo to be the author of the book who thought the story made any sense at all and who made it at least 200 pages too long.

Corinne was convicted of the ritualistic murder of one of her classmates. Many years later, Sean Ward – former detective with the Metropolitan Police – reopens the case. He does not believe that Corinne acted alone. DNA testing showed that there was at least one other person at the scene and he is intent on proving her innocence. Corinne refuses to talk about the case and who may or may not have been there with her.

Weirdo jumps around different times and events so as to completely confuse you as to whether things are happening in real time or in the past. There are so many characters involved that it is almost impossible to keep track of who is currently fighting with who, what they are fighting about and the whole storyline altogether. Teenagers come with a lot of drama, but I honestly could not keep up with the antics in this story.

Typical of this sort of book, Sean Ward receives conflicting information from the police, classmates and everyone he talks to and he knows that they are holding information back from him, but can do nothing but try to find the truth between the cracks. Weirdo reads exactly like every TV crime series you can tune into without the “personalization” of the characters. Weirdo was half chaos and half a completely transparent storyline.

I would not recommend Weirdo to anyone who is not stuck somewhere with absolutely nothing to do except read this book. The climax of what really happened came so far into the book that it was almost the ending and it was the absolute most ridiculous event I’ve ever read. This book was nowhere near ready for publication and over half of it should have been cut completely out.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ 

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