Reviewed by Meg Massey

Sarah McClure was introduced to readers in The Quilter’s Apprentice, where she served as Sylvia Compson’s assistant. In the latest installment of the Elm Creek Quilts series, The Wedding Quilt, Sarah is preparing for her daughter Caroline’s wedding, and thinking about the moments that have led her to this special occasion.

Though her daughter Caroline never possessed a knack for quilting, she confides to Sarah that she wishes she had a wedding quilt. Sarah turns to the Elm Creek Quilters to help her create a special quilt for a beloved daughter, and for her new husband. As the preparations continue throughout the book, readers are taken on a journey through Sarah McClure’s memories, including the day that her twins were born.

Characters from the previous novels of the series appear, and their stories are brought full circle. However, the narrative often feels rushed, as the reader is thrust into the past, and then brought very suddenly into the present. I would highly recommend reading other books in the series before investing in this book, simply to have a grasp on who these characters are and what their place is in the overall story of Elm Creek Manor and its rich history. I had only read one of the previous books, so I found myself re-reading or reminding myself who somebody was quite often during this book. For any Elm Creek Quilters fans familiar with these storylines, however, this is a must-read.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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