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Reviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

The Impresario sisters could not be more different. Owner of the uber-posh waxing salon Impresarios, Carolina is outwardly beautiful and successful at everything she puts her mind to. On the inside, she is compulsively clinging to perfection, lashing out at anyone who dares to ruin her “perfect” world. The middle sister, Anna, is far removed from Carolina’s glamorous life, but comes looking for a job at Impresarios following a disastrous divorce. The youngest, Sofia, is newly married and madly in love with her handsome husband. When a client from the salon turns into a friend and lures Sofia to the glow of New York’s nightlife, one night out turns into much more than what Sofia bargained for.

The three sisters all struggle with different issues and Impresarios becomes the stomping ground for their arguments, frustrations and ultimately resolutions. Robert Rave packs in a lot of story lines, – Carolina’s long lost and resurfaced love, Anna’s unconventional family, Sofia’s penchant for partying, and so on – making Waxed a very fun ride through and through.

I sped through Waxed most of the way, guiltily enjoying the flawed characters and delicious revelations that made my jaw drop. The end, however, was a bit of a let down. While I was almost satisfied with the endings allotted to Anna and Sofia, I wanted to know more about Carolina. I was waiting for a better background or explanation of her need to control everyone and everything around her, and that explanation never came. Neither did a resolution to the situation she found herself in. I hope that there’s a sequel in the works…

Robert Rave on open endings and Carolina

My answer to the question about whether or not I was leaving the ending of Waxed open for a sequel, is yes AND no.

I do have a larger plan for some of the characters in Waxed, but that’s not my reason for the choice in how the novel ends.

I’m a believer that life is often messy and there’s not always going to be a tidy ending for everything. As we all know through our own experiences, not everything comes with a beautiful ribbon tied around it. Even though countless women (and some men) strive and often obtain a perfectly manicured and flawless exterior when visiting The Impresarios salon in Waxed, their interior is usually quite the opposite as is the case with our main characters. For me personally, to tie things up neatly in these very complex and complicated women would be a total cheat to readers. I don’t like predictable and had I gone with that I think I would not only have let myself down, but also those who went on the journey with these three very different sisters.

Carolina – why I chose to make her as neurotic as she was, the inspiration behind it, etc.

Strangely, there are personality traits in all three sisters that I share. I won’t say which ones because if I do I’m certain I will remain single forever. However, I will admit to having a bit of Carolina’s neurosis. I’m not exactly as OCD as she, is but I can be pretty neurotic. I typically can’t sit down to write unless my house and my writing space are completely clean. An exterior mess equals a mess inside my head. Yes, I win the crazy award for the day.

Carolina has a need for everything to be exactly in order. Walls need to be a pristine white. Uniforms perfect. Meanwhile, her emotional life is the exact opposite. I loved exploring that dichotomy. She’s tough and there’s no sugar coating, but as the layers are peeled away an entirely different Carolina is revealed.

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