WatchOverMe-TP_4colorCS2.inddReviewed by Denise G.

As Watch Over Me begins, we meet Deputy Benjamin Patil as he makes a startling find in the weeds on the far end of a farm in rural South Dakota. People in town are stunned that a baby had been so casually stuffed in a grocery sack and left there, only found because a couple of randy teenagers were caught making out.

While the search for the birth mother begins, we learn more about Deputy Patil and his wife, Abbi. He has recently returned from the war, where he lost his oldest and dearest friend, and Abbi fears that she’s lost him completely. Unable to have children, she’s long given up the thought of being a mother. Benjamin thrusts that responsibility onto her when he insists they care for the baby until her mother is found. Overwhelmed and unsure of herself, Abbi leans on some unlikely people for support.

Christa Parrish leads us through many dips and turns in the plot, and it seems a surprise is around each corner. Her style is very straight-forward and conversational, and quite easy to read. This is a very different style of book from what I normally gravitate toward, but I wasn’t disappointed in the least with my choice. I found myself completely immersed in the book, wondering what would happen next, and hoping things would work out a certain way, as if each of the characters was real. In fact, I hope her next book will bring us up to date with the lives of everyone involved.

With a diverse but unsatisfying career background, Denise made the decision to pursue what she loves: writing! Her first novel, of course, is in the works. More info about her is available at her blog http://makemoney-writingonline.blogspot.com.

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