DanaFaletti-NewHeadshot-WEBPlease welcome Dana Faletti who is touring the blogosphere with excerpts from her new book, WAKE!

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

“Ugh,” I groaned, setting my phone on the book shelf above me. I was so over this constant barrage of texts Mila continued to send me on an hourly basis. She was border-ing on pathetic, and I was feeling major guilt. Her latest texts read like this – serious probs here, cal lilli thinks im nuts head tested 2X where r u need 2 c u asap ur being a crap friend.

What could I reply to these? It had been a few weeks since I’d seen her at the hospital, and I’d honestly believed she’d have been Cloaked by now. What the hello was go-ing on in the technical department on high? Neither Silas nor Jules – my obviously not so all knowing Micro Angels – had any clue, as usual. Even Joshua wasn’t quite sure what to make of Mila. Last night, over pizza and wings at his place – I’m still as hungry as any mortal- Joshua and I had brainstormed every last explanation for Mila’s unusual awareness. “Maybe she’s an Arc too.” I almost choked on a piece of pepperoni when Joshua laid that one on the table. Mila. An angel. That was a big fat N-O-T. His explanation didn’t even fit into my world, and that was saying something. After all, my world was chock full of death channeling demons and know it all fairies who swore they were both angels and my superiors. Okay, so what if they were… they were still beat… most of the time. “Think about it, Callie. Maybe she’s just discovering.” I raised my eyebrows at him, so high, I could almost feel them on my forehead, and shot him a loud and clear – you’re nuts – look. “Mila is definitely not an angel.” Sigh-ing, I focused on a tiny gray spider spinning its web from the ceiling down. It was almost eye level, making me kinda itchy. “I feel like there’s something…” I couldn’t explain it. I didn’t have to. He got me right away. “Me too.” I watched his eyes move around the room, not looking at anything outside his head.

“It almost seems like she’s supposed to know. Like there’s a reason. I feel like something – ” “big is-“ “-coming.” He leaned over the table and stared intently at me, his dark eyes tracing my face. Hello weak knees, sweaty brow. Oh, hey goose bumps, nice to see you again. Then, he smiled. And I dissolved. “You are so incredibly gorgeous.” He spoke the words I was thinking about him, and I could feel my jaw drop in slow motion. I thought he said he couldn’t read my mind! Oh wait… he meant me… myself, that he thinks I’m gor-geous. Roll eyes to hide embarrassment. Wipe the red from my cheeks. “Don’t act like you don’t know it, Callie. You’re beau-tiful.” I studied the table in silence, because I honestly never knew how to respond when he got all gooey like that. I totally wanted to crawl out of my skin or onto his. Lucky for our virtues, we were both paged to different locations at just that moment. Funny how impending de- mon doom can turn down the heat a few notches pronto. In a matter of seconds, my overactive hormones were re- placed with Dark hatred so keen I couldn’t see past the sources until I’d shredded every last one of them.

WAKEAbout the book

When 16-year-old Callie Evans learned she was more than your everyday suburban teen, everything changed. One minute she was a typical high school student, the next, a demon-slayer extraordinaire. As a newly discovered Arc angel from heaven, Callie’s destiny is to fight the Darks that prey on human teens.

But when Callie meets Romuel, one of the most powerful angels of all time, her reality is shaken once again. Romuel will force her to become what she was meant to be, but will her boyfriend, fellow Arc, Joshua, be able to set his pride aside? He doesn’t appreciate Callie’s attentiveness toward the older, wiser immortal Romuel. Joshua found her first. And he’s not willing to share.

Is it Callie’s highly active imagination or does the Dark population seem to be multiplying exponentially in her world at an alarming rate? Newsflash: She’s not imagining things. They’re everywhere. And she’s got to find a way to stop them before it’s too late.

Join Silas, Jules, Jixer and the rest of the immortal crew in a story that will wake up the world to the war that’s been raging since the beginning of time, a war in which whispers are the deadliest weapons of all.

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