We had the pleasure of reviewing the book Houri by Mehrdad Balali a few days ago. Some of you were wondering whether or not Houri was based on the author’s personal experiences, and Mehrdad had this to say:

Houri is a fictionalized autobiography. The character of “Baba”, the father, is based on my own father who died a year before the revolution in a car crash while on late night carousing. He was an incorrigible womanizer, but I never competed with him over any women. Houri, the character, is the materialization of my boyhood fantasies about older glamorous women. The adult Shahed too is kind of like I was in my twenties, restless and somewhat alienated from society. I never knew any Mary, but I had an Iranian girlfriend who died in a car crash. The horrible events that took place in Iran in the 1980s are based on my experiences as a journalist in Iran in the 1990s. I hope this satisfies the curiosities. Warm Regards.”