Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

In Unplugging the Patriarchy by Lucia Rene, the reader is brought along on a spiritual adventure when Lucia and two of her friends are tasked to unveil the elements and energies that influence our society forced upon us by a patriarchal structure created over 5000 years ago; and take it apart.

I wanted very much to love this book. I know many people love this book. I tried to love this book.

I just couldn’t.

I could not get in to the deeply esoteric and mystical jargon. I stumbled upon lengthy paragraphs and diagrams that analyzed our minds, the structure of our bodies and the universe and the link between the planet and our energies and our ability to participate and alter ourselves and the Universe with them. All described with intense and exhaustive knowledge and detail.

Maybe I am not deep enough. Maybe I’m not connected enough with myself and perhaps I haven’t given enough thought to any of it or the part I play in this Universe, on this dimension, or any other. Maybe I’m just not ready to understand. Maybe it’s not my time. Maybe I don’t deserve to know or understand yet.

Lucia’s Unplugging the Patriarchy will, however, appeal to female philanthropists determined to regain their feminine power and edge in a mostly male dominated world. Mystics will be thrilled with Lucia’s extensive knowledge on the effects of our mind, it’s endless possibilities, the in depth studies of the chakras, dark vs. light, and the perversion of ‘truth’, that time, and those who choose to abuse these special powers, have incurred. Psychics and occultists alike will quiver with bliss at Lucia’s mental potential and transmundane talent. There is no doubt that Lucia is an expert in her field and a force to be reckoned with.


People like me, will simply remain firm in the belief that ‘unplugging’ means a weekend at the beach with a delicious umbrella adorned drink, good company and uninterrupted cat naps.

Based upon the many other reviews I read about the book, I’m one of the few who ‘did not get it’, so I encourage the readers to take my humble opinion about this book with a grain of salt (a lime and a shot of Tequila) and choose for themselves whether or not they should read it. Lucia apparently has a huge following, and I am confident there are many readers who will benefit and fall in love with Unplugging the Patriarchy.

Rating: 2/5

Claudia lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband and two children.

The review copy of this book was provided free of any obligation by Crown Chakra. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.