9780062135551_custom-b59aef367c02e28f5b19c4597390912eb7cbf621-s6-c30Reviewed by Jenna Arthur

Have you ever wondered about America’s secret societies? What if George Bush was a member of the skulls? Or what if our former presidents were part of some global Freemason society that could change the world at the snap of their finger tips? Or maybe you’ve wondered about the cannibals preying on unsuspecting victims? Have you heard your parents or grandparents tell of Nazi conspiracies or the Enemy Below? Such is The United States of Paranoia. Jesse Walker delves into some of America’s dirtiest little thoughts and theories. These theories have given Americans identity and put a special fear in their hearts. Conspiracy theories, he explains, have been around since the dawn of time and play off of peoples’ anxieties about the war on terror, the American economy and even those controlling our governments. Jesse Walker provides us a panoramic view of society and culture and offers us an argument that is hard not to take seriously. Walker opens our eyes to a history that many have never seen before.

This book is intense and socially in depth. It is most definitely not for those looking for a bit of light reading. The fact and vigor of Mr. Walker’s writing in The United States of Paranoia show a great deal of research, theory, opinion and the book is anything but airy. Have you ever wondered about the rumors floating on the breeze? Pick up The United States of Paranoia and find out just a little bit more about the rumors and the true nature of the beast. Is there truth in conspiracy theories or do they simply prey on people’s gullibility? You decide.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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