I am a big TV junkie. My DVR is always overflowing with shows ranging from Grey’s Anatomy to Gossip Girl to Hoarders. I prefer scripted shows over reality TV, but I do enjoy many TLC shows, 16 and Pregnant on MTV and of course, The Bachelor (my DVR is already set for the new season of Bachelorette).

Every season, I dread the cancellation period, i.e. when the networks announce which shows will not be renewed for next year. The two shows I still pine after and that were, in my opinion, cancelled prematurely are Hyperion Bay and Dirty Sexy Money. They were gone just as they were getting interesting and left me with cliff hangers that would never be resolved – very upsetting to a TV addict like me!

Well, the cancellation period is now in full affect, and I must say, I am not surprised at the choices this time around. ABC dropped FlashForward, Deep End and Ugly Betty, among others.  FlashForward will never be Lost (which also ended this season), Deep End was fun but an overkill considering how many lawyer shows are already on TV, and Ugly Betty just got old.

CBS (which I rarely watch and therefore have little to say about these shows) cancelled shows including Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer and Three Rivers (never even heard of this one). CW dropped Melrose Place,a dud from the very beginning – The Beautiful Life, which I believe only made it through an episode or two, and High Society, which was the biggest train wreck I’ve ever seen.

The final episode of long-running 24 will be aired on FOX on May 24. NBC dropped the original Law & Order, but the show may relocate to TNT. I love Law & Order shows, but I still have Law & Order SVU to keep me occupied, and it’s my favorite from this franchise anyhow.

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Which shows are you sad to see go?