trusting liam book coverReviewed by Amanda Farmer

Trusting Liam was the first book I’ve read by Molly McAdams and it is part of the series that includes Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies. I have not read either book in the series but was not lost in the slightest. McAdams does a nice job of keeping the reader in the loop with what happened in the first two books.

Trusting Liam is about two people having a one night stand in Las Vegas, and them not planning on seeing one another ever again. Kennedy left that morning without a goodbye to Liam–much to his surprise. They both have thought plenty of that night but have moved on with their lives. Unfortunately for Kennedy and her sister, Kira, they have to move to California to avoid some angry people that are threatening their father and uncle. Liam currently lives in California with his family and Kennedy and Kira end up working for Liam’s father. Liam makes it known that he wants to get back together with Kennedy and pick right up where they left off in Vegas–she of course does not. This is their story.

As I read the story, I found myself not connecting with any of the characters. I didn’t care for Kennedy at all and hated how she couldn’t make any decisions about her “secret” and her relationship with Liam.  I found Kira to be whiny and annoying. I felt like I was reading a teenage love story not a new adult story featuring twenty year olds. Liam’s character wasn’t horrible but I didn’t understand his instant love connection with Kennedy and his desire to be with her. I felt he deserved so much more than a one night stand love affair from a year ago. I would also like to point out there is a love triangle in the story for those readers who aren’t fans of those. I didn’t find that it was necessary to have and it added nothing to the story. I was also left wanting to know more about the situations behind the sisters’ move to California.

Trusting Liam is a nice, quick story for those looking to complete the stories of Kennedy and Liam’s families. Personally, I am not likely to pick up other books in this series.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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