Reviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Just as Bryn has finally embraced her new role in her pack, a new threat rises to challenge the werewolves of Cedar Ridge. A broken and bleeding teenage werewolf named Lucas has found his way onto Bryn’s territory–a boy who belongs to the Snake Bend pack, whose alpha Shay is Bryn’s strongest opposition. Lucas wants Bryn to claim him for her pack, but in doing so she will have to invite Shay into her territory.

But other werewolves are not the only threat to Bryn–Shay has allied himself with a group of psychics who think werewolves are nothing more than monsters. Though Bryn’s personality is definitely the most dominant, her human strength cannot rival that of the werewolves. In order to protect her pack, she is going to have to become even more like an animal and less like a human.

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes picks up not too long after where Raised by Wolves left off. If you read my review of the first book, then you know that I was completely stunned by how it ended. I just had to know what was next for Bryn, and none of the events in Trial by Fire disappointed. There were quite a few instances where I gasped out loud, grabbed at my chest, and moved to turn the page as quickly as I could so I could greedily gulp down everything that followed.

The further I read and the deeper I immersed myself into the world of Cedar Creek, the more I began to understand just where Barnes is going with this series. I figured out a couple of pieces to her intricate puzzle in Trial by Fire, though I didn’t quite see how they all fit together until the very end.

Though Callum, the alpha of Bryn’s former pack, had very little page time, he was still a very powerful presence in Trial by Fire. Bryn may not always like Callum, but she respects him and the way he leads his pack. Callum also has the ability to see into the future, and we get a few glimpses of what Bryn’s future may hold. It will seriously send shivers up your spine!

Look for the next installment in the Raised by Wolves series, coming in the Summer of 2012.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Jennifer graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English. She occasionally dabbles with her own fiction writing, particularly with the Young Adult and Paranormal genres. She currently resides in Utah with her husband and daughter.

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