687689Reviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

Torn is the second book in the Connection series. If you have not read it yet, I definitely recommend doing so. I absolutely loved the first book of the series, so my excitement to read Torn was heightened even before I got my hands on it. I have a great love for trilogies and even though this one only had two books in the series, I wanted to see how it would wrap itself up without having a third. The difference between this book and others I have read like it, is that it did not draw out the initial love story for the entire length of the first book. We have all seen it before: First book is about the love story and typically a fight to be together. Second book is about falling in love and getting married and the third book is usually a twist, murder, girl-gone-missing and in the hospital story that ends in a marriage. With this second book, it mainly focused on Dahlia and River getting through hard times, a lie of omission if you will.

Dahlia and River are a lovely couple who literally fell in love at first sight. It wasn’t until years later that they actually found each other again and since reconnecting, their love only grew stronger. Torn starts out exactly where the first book ended, with River and Dahlia on their way to get married until Dahlia gets a phone call that Ben is still alive. Ben, a character I wanted to like but really felt no sympathy for by this point, has been hiding out in witness protection while Dahlia fell apart, along with the rest of his family. Ben did it all for her, which is a major problem I have with his character. He is that person that believes they are selfless while doing the most selfish thing. Had he not come back into the picture, I may have believed him to be a hero, but since he had to come back, had to try and pick up where things left off before he “died,” he was inconsequential to me from that moment on.

Kim Karr explores true love in this book, while showing us the roller coaster ride that every couple goes through to get to their happy place. She throws out a few curve balls and defines what it means to unconditionally love someone. Dahlia is just like every woman in the world, believing she has one once-in-a-lifetime love and to her surprise, realizes that there is more than one person out there for everyone. This book is a beautiful capture of what it means to forgive, forget and let go of the past.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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