2 lucky winners will receive copies of the beautifully illustrated TIME For Kids: That’s Incredible!

About the book

The 208-page book, full-color hardcover book is written in TIME For Kids’ clear, authoritative, engaging and age-appropriate style, and packed with vivid illustrations and comprehensive reporting. Kids and adults alike are guaranteed to say “Wow!” and have “Aha!” moments as they discover cool and incredible facts, figures and records.

Incredible Size:

  • The giant squid is the largest invertebrate in the world and their eyes are 10 inches across, making their eyes alone bigger than a human head!

Incredible Animals and Plants:

  • The Texas Horned Lizard can squirt blood through its eyes to up to 6 feet if it feels threatened. That is enough to frighten just about any animal.
  • Did you know that a zebroid is an animal that is half zebra and half of some other member of the horse family? A Zorse is half zebra, half horse. A Zonkey is half zebra, half donkey. Can you guess what animals are mixed to get a zony?

Incredible Sports:

  • If you think snowmobiles are cool, then you should check out freestyle snowmobiling. The riders zoom up a steep ramp and fly through the air from 65 feet to more than 100 feet while performing tricks such as standing on the seat or dangling from an upside down machine.
  • If you’re not afraid of getting dirty you will enjoy Bog Snorkeling. With a snorkel and flippers, competitors swim 60 yards in smelly, thick bog water. Just make sure not to use your hands because that’s not allowed.

Incredible Jobs:

  • David Blaine is a magician who is not afraid of doing jaw-dropping stunts. He once put himself in a plastic box that was then surrounded by water. For seven days he stayed in the box, unable to move, eat or drink more than a few tablespoons of water each day.

Incredible Kids:

  • Jessica Watson was 16 when she sailed nonstop around the worlds by herself. It took her seven months to travel 23,000 miles on a 34 food boat.
  • Hanna Turner was 4 years old when she decided she wanted to help homeless to keep their feet warm. Ever since, she and her family have run the charity Hanna’s Socks, and just as the name suggests, they hand out socks to those who need them.

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