I have a copy of the latest installment in Jasper Fforde’s bestselling Thursday Next series, The Woman Who Died A Lot, to give away!

About the book

Thursday Next is back once again and getting into her particular brand of zany trouble in The Woman Who Died A Lot, the seventh installment of The New York Times bestselling Thursday Next series.

Peppered with illustrations by Dylan Meconis and Bill Mudron, The Woman Who Died A Lot takes place over the course of a week in the life of Thursday Next, famous in several dimensions as the Bookworld’s leading enforcement officer. After being forced into semiretirement, thanks to an assassination attempt, Thursday takes what was described to her as a “cushy” job as chief librarian at the Swindon All-You-Can-Eat-at-Fatso’s-Drink Not Included Library. Thursday’s first week on the job proves to be unusually hectic, even by her high standards. As the library faces 100 percent budget cuts, Thursday struggles to remember why she can’t remember that her third child, Jenny, doesn’t exist, even though “Jenny is a mindworm” is tattooed on the back of her hand. At home, things aren’t any better: her son Friday faces a loss of purpose after his future career as a time-traveling hero is relegated to “might-have-been” status, and her genius teenage daughter is embroiled in a race against the clock to stop a vengeful god from smiting Swindon at midday Friday. On top of it all, Thursday’s nemesis Jack Schitt has returned and is plotting something even more nefarious than usual.

The New York Times said of Fforde, “It’s easy to be delighted by an author who loves books so madly.” Repeat readers would expect nothing less than a madcap literary romp where Thursday is involved, and The Woman Who Died A Lot will not disappoint. Fresh converts to the cult of Fforde will devour his Douglas Adams-esque comedic sensibilities tossed in with a veritable library’s worth of bookish allusions, each one more delightful and clever than the last.a Rafflecopter giveaway