9781579621698_p0_v1_s260x420Reviewed by Shane S.

Three Minutes on Love follows the plight of newbie photographer, Rosie Kettle, as she battles addiction, desire and chaos in the jet set life behind the curtains of Rock n’ Roll. The novel follows Rosie from her early days as a freelance photographer, shooting photos for a friend’s magazine, to her glorious days at the top, shooting the biggest up and coming, drug induced psychedelic bands of yesteryear. Both as a novice and a pro, Rosie takes life day to day as she strengthens her will and deepens her capacity for love. Even after losing friends, losing love and losing herself, Rosie is able to keep her composure and remember the peaceful ways of her Mother: the steady rock in Rosie’s turbulent life.

Roccie Hill is truly a master of her craft. When it comes to love, loss and life, Roccie writes with a ferocity that only a person who’s braved the hardships of the golden years of Rock n’ Roll, the 60’s, can comprehend. Roccie took a cliched genre, riddled with tired tales of suicidal musicians overdosing with drama, and building it into a living, breathing character study that lingers in your thoughts and possesses your heart; she has breathed life in the story of life in the fast lane. Roccie’s first person narrative is chock full of poetic arrays and stimulating visuals that will solder themselves to your mind and never break free. In this debut book, she bares her soul with the honesty and love for the craft that only a natural writer can possess.

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