ThisIsTheHouse_cover-72resReviewed by Amanda Farmer

This is the House by Deborah Hill is a story about Ms Hill’s ancestors with some historical facts thrown in. The reader will find themselves in Cape Cod at the end of the War for Independence and in the lives of Hannah Deems and her daughter Molly. Hannah has found herself widowed and at a loss on how to provide for her young daughter when Seth Adams offers to provide for them both. Little does Hannah know what will be in store for her and how the town will treat Molly. Molly has grown up sheltered and finds herself as a maid in a prominent Quaker home. Molly has always remembered one thing from her mother, which is to set your goals and achieve them no matter what obstacles are in the way.

Molly sets her eyes on Elijah Merrick, a young uprising Captain and she stops at nothing to get her way and have him for a husband. With the help of her Quaker mistress, Molly works on wooing him and convincing him that she loves him. Elijah is Molly’s way to overcome her mother’s past and convince Cape Cod to accept her as one of them. Luckily Elijah does well as a Captain and is able to provide for her and give her all the expensive baubles she wants. The only problem for Molly is that she is attracted to Isaac, her mistress’ son, as well. Will Molly choose Elijah or Isaac?

As I was reading This is the House I did not find it a historical fiction at all; it only had a few tidbits of history thrown in, and the majority of the story was about Molly and her goals. I found Molly to be selfish and self-absorbed. She had no qualms about her, she didn’t care who she hurt and it only mattered that she got what she wanted no matter what. Elijah had his faults as well, always trying to control Molly, buy her affection and love, and buy them a spot in Cape Cod society. I found the other characters in the story to be undeveloped as well. I did not find a connection with any of them.

I cannot say I would recommend this story to others because it did not draw me in like I was hoping. I will keep an open mind when reading the other two volumes to see how the story continues.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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