Reviewed by Meghan Saldecki

Sloane Price is tired of being trapped in her current life. Her father abuses her and her sister just left her out of the blue. And just when she hits a dark, suicidal place, she and her town get a deadly surprise: the dead aren’t staying dead anymore.

Banding together with five other teens, she and her group make their way to Cortege Hall, the second safest place they can think of when the first turns out to be crawling with zombies already.

Finding food and water, Sloane and the group settle in to wait for help. But as the days go by and the group begins to get a little too comfortable, they are faced with obstacles at every turn threatening their safety and more importantly – their life.

This Is Not a Test was the perfect book for a reading slump. It gave me that emotional journey I was looking for and paired it with one of my favorite paranormal creatures to read about: zombies.

Sloane was a great, refreshing character. Instead of doing everything it takes to survive, she does everything she can to put herself in danger because she’s tired of living. She’s constantly depressed and just goes through the motions, almost a zombie herself, and pushes all the other characters away. Nevertheless, she was never whiny. She never tried to act like the victim. She was trying to escape it.

Courtney Summers wrote Sloane brilliantly. What could have been a horrible, whiny character turned out wonderfully.

The rest of the characters all had their own personalities. Summers really focused on showing you their personalities and quirks and I commend her for this. For a book that takes place inside and away from the action half the time, it’s important to build up the characters and still be entertaining. Summers accomplishes this with ease.

The plot was fantastic. It’s unique enough from the other zombie fiction out there in the fact that it takes place mostly in an inside setting and that it has a character you wouldn’t think about placing in a zombie apocalypse. Summers adds just enough twists and there’s enough of a cliff hanger at the end to tease in a good way. I felt like most of my questions were answered, while still leaving room for a sequel (that I’ll definitely be reading).

Overall, I loved This Is Not a Test. It was emotional and bleak, yet hopeful and romantic. It was an amazing read that I highly recommend to everyone, especially fans of zombie fiction.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Meghan is a 18-year-old book blogger. She likes to read and write in her spare time and would like to become a published author one day. She plans on going to college soon.

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