this one is mine book coverReviewed by Poppy J.

This One Is Mine by Maria Semple picks up with the main character, Violet Parry as she manages the daily life after having her first baby, Dot. Violet is a woman who seems to have it all: a home, a famous music mogul husband, David, and a life most women would envy. David’s sister Sally is Violet’s opposite. Sally is interested in meeting wealthy men (and she usually gets what she wants), and is conniving even to her own friends in that respect.

Violet’s world turns around when she meets Teddy Reyes, a bass player in a band. Teddy is one man that she wants but won’t be able to have, which only makes Violet want him more. The reader will hope that Violet will realize that what she has at home is better than what she can find in the streets, but I will leave the ending up to the reader to savor for herself.

The writing in This One Is Mine is quite good, but the coarse dialogue is a bit to digest. The reader is likely to trip over the minefield of the n-word and similarly plentiful f-bombs, as well as some hard-core sexual sections of the book. These sections detract, rather than add to the flavor of the novel, and could have just as well have been left out. The story is a bit predictable, but otherwise has an interesting flair if the reader can get past the sections of jarring text.

I read This One Is Mine wanting more out of the characters. I did like hearing about the hip scene in LA, and started to understand some of the characters by the end of the book. Truthfully, I would say that the story has its good points, but would not recommend it to readers who are not of a very mature audience.

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