Reviewed by Jenn Leisey

When a University president is forced to resign before a student comes forward with the intimate – and graphic – details of their sexual relationship, Allen Harris is approached by the school’s Board of Directors to fill the position. Due to circumstances with the previous president, who stepped down from his role with only minor rumors of unbecoming behaviors, the University’s board is fearful of any future risk to the school’s image. Therefore, although fully assured by Harris’s unblemished reputation as a lawyer, businessman and devoted husband, the Board requires an in-depth background check before he can take the job.

Not long into his interrogation, Harris begins to fear that his lies about his lurid past will be uncovered, putting both his career and his marriage of twenty-plus years to Alice, in jeopardy. Determined to beat the investigation to the punch, he decides to track down his three past mistresses to ensure they won’t ruin his opportunity.

As he searches for the three women who had consumed his life for a short time, Harris rehashes each relationship over in his mind, and the strange manner in which they ended. His fear that the impact the affairs caused on each woman’s life comes to a head when Harris is only able to contact two of the three mistresses. Will the third unfound woman mean the end of his career?

While each of the mistresses in Adler’s novel, The Womanizer, were intriguing characters, and Harris’s obsession with sex, “love” and deception sickeningly attractive, Allen Harris’s wife, Alice, made the read incredibly frustrating. Her character seems almost translucent until the last chapter, making the ending’s dramatic plot twist less realistic and hardly believable.

Personally, I had a hard time getting through The Womanizer. Perhaps it was the feminist in me screaming at the main character’s nonchalant attitude towards affairs and his spouse, the somewhat ostentatious language, or the minimalist dramatic twist that failed to keep my attention.

Rating: 2/5

Since graduating from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Professional Writing, Jenn works as a freelance writer, poet, and blogger at south of sheridan. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, and loves baking, crafting, and anything that requires a hot glue gun.

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