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Reviewed by Poppy J.

Given the title, it’s little surprise that The Weird Sisters is about the relationship between sisters: Rosalind (Rose), Bianca (Bean) and Cordelia (Cordy). The girls grow up with a father who speaks in Shakespearean quotes and always pushes them to excel. Unfortunately, they can never live up to his expectations and as a result, feel cheated out of life (each for different reasons).

The sisters are drawn together by their mother’s illness, who seems to be written as an afterthought in the story (we are not told her name). By remembering the words of their mother in their mind’s eye, the women make their decisions regarding how to finally take control of their lives.

Each woman has her share of stereotypical problems and it is easy to relate to each one as they sort out the finer details of their lives. At first, Rose seems to be the lone narrator of the story, but it later becomes apparent that all the sisters may be taking a turn at providing their individual point of view during the narration. The readers will enjoy watching each sister fail, pick herself up, lean on others and eventually rise up on her own – a much stronger woman as a result. Their intellect, faith, family ties and cleverness bring them out into the world ready for whatever happens next.

I felt that The Weird Sisters was realistic in the portrayal of the sisters as they relate to each other and their parents. Of course, the baby of the family made the poor life decisions and the eldest, as usual, was the most responsible of the pack. I would have preferred a less predictable story line with the script flipped, and with Rose and Cordy’s personalities reversed. However, in general, I was not disappointed with the outcome of the book and enjoyed pondering the life lessons in the end.

Rating: 4/5

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