The Weight of Silence: Invisible Children of India is said to be the factual written version of the hit film Slumdog Millionaire.

Money and riches that they’ll never be able to reach surround the children in orphanages and throughout the streets and slums of India. There are more than a million people living on a mere 500 acres of land in a well-known slum of Mumbai called Dharavi. The slums are packed with hungry children that come from impoverished families. The children, as well as the adults of these slums, lack education. They look around at the high-rise buildings knowing that they’ll never have one ounce of the riches of the world.

Author, Shelley Seale, takes us on an emotional journey, showing us the lives of children living in poverty, toiling as child laborers, and those struck with diseases such as AIDS. In the modern world, children are subconsciously taught to take for granted many basic things. Children in the slums of India truly see some of these basic things as privileges and luxuries.

Being a native Indian and having seen the slums for myself, I found The Weight of Silence very difficult to read at times. However, I also found myself feeling hope that there are people in this world who will use their wealth to help the disadvantaged. This book is likely to evoke feelings of heartbreak and tears of sadness, but is ultimately one of hope.

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