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Reviewed by Meg Massey

Haley Morgan and her best friend Tammy grew up playing in an old building that once housed a beautiful wedding shop. Years later, life has led Haley back to her hometown of Heart’s Bend, unsure of her future. She’s just completed her service in the Air Force, has broken up with her boyfriend, and is devastated over Tammy’s sudden death. When Haley sees the state of the old wedding shop, she is determined to fix it up and re-open it. Will she be able to do it?

The Wedding Shop tells Haley’s story alongside Cora Scott’s, the previous owner of the shop during the 1930’s. While Cora helps prepare many women in her shop for their special day, she has been waiting for the return of the man she loves, a river boat captain. Meanwhile, her longtime family friend Birch Good is trying to convince her to take a chance on him.

Author Rachel Hauck weaves two beautiful stories that intersect in The Wedding Shop. You’ll find yourself rooting for both Haley and Cora throughout this romantic novel. Haley’s faith is put to the test as she works to rebuild the shop. While the task of reviving it seems daunting, Haley tackles it head-on with her childhood friend Cole by her side. When sparks begin to fly between them, will Haley allow herself to be loved by him, or remain stuck in mistakes of her past? Tragedies in Cora’s life leave her reeling and questioning her future. What path will she choose? Will the Wedding Shop be restored to its former glory? If you like romance and novels with a lot of heart, you’ll love this story. While the ultimate ending was a bit predictable, there was one twist that I didn’t expect. All in all, this was a a great feel-good story that stuck with me well after I turned the final page.

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