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Reviewed by Amanda Schafer

Charlotte Malone owns a bridal shop where she helps brides-to-be find the perfect dress. She’s also supposed to be finding the perfect dress for herself since her own wedding to Tim Rose is just a few weeks away. But Charlotte is feeling out of sorts so she goes up to Ludlow Estates (a well-known mountain attraction) to think and have quiet time. What she finds instead is a beautiful old trunk at an auction and impulsively buys it. However, a short time after Charlotte buys the trunk, she and Tim break off their engagement. They both realize they rushed things and are not really ready to get married.

Emily Canton gave her love to Daniel Ludlow before he went off to play baseball. Since Daniel didn’t write to her to profess his mutual love, Emily decided to marry Phillip Saltonstall. Phillip is a young and handsome man who is a part of a wealthy and prominent family in Birmingham. But when Daniel comes back and tells Emily that he did in fact write to her while he was gone, she begins to doubt her decision. When she suspects Phillip of being unfaithful to her, she questions herself even further.

Emily’s mother insists on a particular wedding dress, made by a popular designer in town. But Emily’s heart is set on wearing the wedding dress designed by Taffy Hayes, a black seamstress from the “other” side of town. Taffy’s dress is simple, elegant, beautiful, and timeless.

Charlotte finally decides to open the trunk with Tim’s help and discovers a beautiful wedding dress inside that looks as if it’s never been worn or altered in any way. But who would part with this dress and lock it away in a trunk? In the process of finding out about the dress, Charlotte also finds out that she is deeply connected to the dress in ways she never imagined.

Rachel Hauck is a great writer and can really draw a reader in. I was a bit disappointed at first because The Wedding Dress did not “grab” me in the way her books usually do. But I kept reading and within a few chapters I was hooked!

While at first I was expecting the book to be about a dress that was handed down through generations in a family, The Wedding Dress was about so much more. A wedding dress and generations, yes, but Hauck threw in plenty of twists and turns that made the story more exciting.

At the end of the book Rachel Hauck states that the book is a symbol of the Gospel in that it never wears out, is timeless, and fits everyone who tries it on. But I also came away with the idea that we’re always connected to past generations even when we don’t feel like we are. Charlotte felt completely alone in the world because she had no immediate family. What she didn’t realize at the time was that she has always been connected to her ancestors through her town and through the people she met.

Again, Rachel Hauck has done a great job with The Wedding Dress and her writing style is very easy to read. The only thing about the book that disappointed me was that she never came back to address Daniel’s letter to Emily while he was away. She found them and started to read them, but stopped and hid them away. We never get to finish those letters to know what else he said in them. However, this was a minor issue for me and did not affect the plot at all. As a whole, this was a very enjoyable book!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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