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Reviewed by Charity Lyman

Rachel Hauck is known for her fairy tale-like stories–the type where a common girl is swept away by a prince. I expected The Wedding Chapel to follow this familiar story line but interestingly enough, it was a bit of a different tale.

The Wedding Chapel jumps between two time periods. We are introduced to characters as their younger selves and are then transported to a later time when these characters are older and the things they wanted out of life have not quite materialized. One such person is Jimmy, the builder of the wedding chapel the book is named for. The irony is that Jimmy never married and his chapel has gone to waste. His girl ran off with another man many years ago and so now, 60+ years later, he is finally thinking of selling the chapel. But then unexpected things start to happen in the little town of Hearts Bend and it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next or how the lives of the townspeople will be changed in the process.

I had a bit of a hard time getting into this book. Normally, with Rachel Hauck, I have no choice but to be drawn into the story but this one didn’t come that easily. I think part of the problem was the back and forth between different eras. The multitude of characters left me confused and I had no background to go on until the flashbacks came into play. Some story lines were wrapped up just enough and weren’t clearly taken care of by the book’s end.

The Wedding Chapel was a good book, but not a favorite. Perhaps someone else will enjoy the tale of the wedding chapel more than I did…

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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