Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

“Nephilim: creatures who feed on human beings (suggests slavery, or forms of political, economic oppression), born of ‘demons’, who took the form of men, and used human women to create a ‘new race on earth.” Cycles of breeding every hundred years.” – The Book of Enoch

British detective, and lush extraordinaire, Jay Harper, has a new assignment involving gruesome murders and unexplained occurrences in Lausanne, Switzerland. The fact that his memory doesn’t serve him well and he can’t remember for whom he’s working or how he got there is beside the point, and another drink always makes things better, anyway.

Marc Rochat, Lausanne Cathedral’s bell ringer and caretaker, hears the whispers and sees the shadows, and knows something evil is underfoot. A crippled man with the mind of a child and the heart of a lion, Marc listens to his beautiful bells, the trembles of the Church timbers, and the before-times visions, knowing his one soul purpose in life is to protect the ‘angel’ that his Mother said would come to him.

Katherine Taylor, young, beautiful, American and an extremely high paid prostitute with a penchant for figuring out her clients and their innermost desires, in order to be the best at what she does, finds herself picking the brain of the wrong customer, uncovering a dark secret. In fear of her life, she runs away, seeking sanctuary in the arms of a very unlikely rescuer.

Faith, love, lust, murder, innocence, dangerous demons, fallen angels, sex and drugs meld together in to one glorious, spellbinding, addicting story that readers won’t soon forget. Set in decadent Lausanne, Steele delivers his characters so lushly and beautifully, that one can’t help sighing, snarling, cheering and crying alongside them as they try to find their place in an ordinary world gone completely extraordinary; and utterly terrifying.

Rife with religious undertones and yet completely unassuming, The Watchers delivers a one-two punch of good versus evil in a fresh, unique and decadent manner. Old world and New world compete for attention, the impossible becomes possible and the things of our nightmares become waking threats, promising eternity in a place none would presume to imagine or even desire. Dead nuns, crypts full of whispering skeletons, flayed bodies, missing agents, The Watchers is Hunchback of Notradame, meets Pretty Woman, meets X-Files in a phenomenal literary compilation that is brilliant enough to capture the attention of romantics, religious zealots & historian buffs, alike. Not just good, but DAMN good, I didn’t just like it, I LOVED it, and it’s a rare treat for me to experience such pleasure. A must read. Seriously.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Claudia lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband and two children.

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