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Reviewed by Lindsay Yocum

Elizabeth and Marie have been friends since childhood. Best friends. They have the kind of friendship a person could only dream of. They tell each other everything, and have been there for literally everything that has gone on in their lives.

Marie is married with two school aged daughters. You get the feeling she is a perfectionist, but only the kind of perfectionist you find yourself shaking your head at because you know it is all one big farce. But she tries, and she seems to believe that the harder you try at making yourself happy the more you can push away the things that you hate about your life so they never return.

I had a hard time with Marie, but I think that’s because she was easy to want to dislike. But if I disliked her, I’d have to say I dislike myself because as a mother, I know exactly how she feels at times. Motherhood isn’t easy, and Marie really puts all the woes of it front and center. I always felt guilty for knowing where she was coming from, but hating her for being afraid to admit that it’s not a walk in the park.

Elizabeth was the character I related to the most. After years of struggling with infertility, Elizabeth is in a fight or flight situation in her marriage. She’s tried hard to overcome the emotional toll all the treatments and miscarriages have taken on her, and now the shortcomings of her marriage are falling onto her shoulders in a damaging way. Only instead of going to her best friend, Marie for advice she decides to rent out an apartment to try and clear her head. For months, she’s carried a thought that her husband, Ron hasn’t understood the emotional scarring and tolls their 10 year battle to conceive has done to her (and them). It’s only after she rents the apartment that she tells Marie, who has quite the bombshell to drop on Elizabeth herself.

Marie is pregnant and has an incredible feeling of guilt over it, because it was always Elizabeth’s dream to become a mother. Yet, here Marie is, pregnant and miserable over baby number three. Marie is overwhelmed with worry that something is wrong with the baby. But when she finally musters the courage to speak to Elizabeth regarding it, will she be able to sustain her lifelong friendship after an incredibly heartbreaking question is asked of her?

After reaching out to her childhood doctor about Marie’s baby, Elizabeth is left shell shocked. Are all the missing pieces in her life finally coming together for her? Will Marie consider what Elizabeth asked of her? Will their friendship survive the unfathomable?

I give The Unfinished Child a 4 rating. I feel that women will find themselves wrapped up in this book. It was such a good read, and everything flowed together really well. There was so much suspense, and I had a hard time putting this book down. It was also a very hard read for someone who has struggled endlessly with infertility, but it was great to see actual real feelings put into writing in such a way that you don’t feel as though you walked the struggle alone. I highly recommend this book.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Lindsay Yocum resides in California with her 5 year old firecracker daughter, Bear, and her hilarious husband. She spends her free time traveling, baking, ruining DIY crafts she finds on Pinterest, and running, when she isn’t nose deep in a book.

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