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Reviewed by Bethany Kelly

The Total Package by Stephanie Evanovich is all about second chances, and how we all deserve to be able to make up for our past transgressions.

Tyson Palmer is a star quarterback who is no stranger to rock bottom. After all, he was there a few short years ago. After an addiction to painkillers, drinking, and women leaves him exiled from football, Palmer has no choice but to accept Barrow’s offer of redemption.

After staying with Barrow and the Mavericks for a few years, Palmer decides it’s time to stop tempting fate and quit football. However, when a star player is about to be traded to the Mavericks with the requirement that Palmer play one more year, he is forced to sign another contract. Little does he know that he’s signing up for more than he bargained for.

Dani Carr, a highly respected sports announcer, is no stranger to hard work. After all, it was through a lot of hard work that she got to where she is in her career. However, when she is propositioned with an offer that she can’t refuse, but doesn’t want to take, she starts to wonder if all of the hard work and missed time with her family was worth it. Faced with working alongside the man that broke her heart many years ago in his downward spiral, Dani must decide what is really important in life.

Will Tyson and Dani be able to mend the bond that they had in the past? Or will the heartbreak be too much for them to handle?

First off, this book turned out to be really good. However, when I first started reading it I almost stopped. There was a substantial time jump towards the beginning of the novel. Normally, I hate it when an author jumps large spans of time, but Evanovich somehow kept it from ruining the book, and after finishing the novel, I understand why she did it. So, if you are like me and don’t like time jumps, see it through. It is definitely worth it.

I liked the overall story line of this novel. I thought that it was a little cliché in areas, but it was a book that I would read when trying to escape the real world. It was also predictable, but what romance novel isn’t? A ‘happily ever after’ is expected. I liked Evanovich’s writing style, and there weren’t any unanswered questions remaining after the book was over. I did notice that there were references to her two previous novels, but this novel can definitely stand alone.

I would say that The Total Package was a good read, but not a great one. If you want a good escape and a happy ending, this book is definitely the right choice.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Bethany Kelly is currently getting her MFA at Goddard College and has a BA in English. She is a writer, editor, and stay-at-home mother and wife who spends her spare time (when she has some) reading and cooking. Check out her website at www.bckwritingcorner.com.

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