the stranger book coverReviewed by Melanie Kline

You are approached by a stranger – it can happen anywhere, any time – and suddenly life as you know it is no longer the same. The words he whispers into your ear – brief and to the point – somehow hit a nerve, ring true and bring life to a screeching halt. You don’t know how he knows this information – or why he has chosen to share it now – but you do know that nothing will ever be the same for you again. Welcome to The Stranger, a psychological thriller of unimaginable secrets, twist and turns, and edge of your seat thrills.

When Adam Price is approached by the stranger, his life, his family and everything relating to his wife, Corrine, is turned upside down. He doesn’t want to believe what he has learned although the information won’t quit nagging at him until he finally confronts her about it. When she refuses to discuss it and subsequently turns up missing, Adam has no choice but to begin to believe the information. He questions the stranger’s motives in telling him what could in effect be the end of his marriage and family. As Adam continues to investigate in order to find Corrine, the plot deepens. The intrigue of the book kept this reader wanting more.

The Stranger is an extremely fast paced book with multiple families all on the edge of falling apart due to the stranger’s appearance and whisper of information that at least one family member wants kept quiet. The story is an extreme page turner and will keep you up late into the night. I was always looking for just one more page, just one more chapter.

I highly recommend The Stranger to any Harlan Coben fans, mystery lovers or anyone looking for a good read in general. If I had to find one fault with the book it would be that I wish that it had been longer and dealt with the way that Adam found Corrine differently. The Stranger is definitely one of the best works I have read in quite some time and I look forward to Mr. Coben’s next novel with baited breath.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Dutton.