Reviewed by Alice P.

In the heartwarming novella The Snowflake, Jamie Carie takes the readers on a ride of their lives. The book illustrates how in dark times, love can shine above everything else. This isn’t Jamie Carie’s first book, but by far, it is one of the best ones in her collection (in my opinion, anyway). Carie has written Snow Angel, as well, which won the “Best Books” Award in 2007. Furthermore, Carie has also penned classics such as Angel’s Den, Love’s First Light, and Wind Dancer.

The Snowflake is set in the year of 1897, when the Alaska Gold Rush was big news. The story starts off with Ellen Pierce, also known as Ellie by her brother John, realizing that heavy ice has caused their steamship to stop. Many of the passengers on the steamer were determined to get to Alaska and reap the benefits of the Gold Rush; the ice puts a halt on their plans. Buck Lewis, a fellow passenger, proposes going to Dawson City on foot. The journey, a good 200 miles, scares many off. But John Pierce is firm in his decision to go to Alaska and Ellen is firm on protecting John. With that, the adventure begins.

Facing frost bites, dwindling food supplies, and haunting pasts, the few brave passengers battle the cold on foot to try and reach Dawson City. Surprises and traps are at every corner of the journey, but the affection between Buck and Ellen continues to blossom. However, getting to Dawson City is only half the battle. With Christmas fast approaching, several questions swirl in the mixture of this romantic love story. Can Ellen find the courage to tell Buck how she truly feels? And can Buck get over his past and finally see what is right in front of him? Or will he be lost trying to hunt the demons of his past: the man that killed his wife?

With so many mysteries and suspenseful turns, The Snowflake is a book that can quench the thirst of many readers! The writing is absolutely amazing, enrapturing the readers’ attention till the end. I swear I couldn’t put the book down until I was done!

Alice, a.k.a. Sunny, is a full time student at Lakeland College. She is originally from India, but has been traveling the world with her mom and sister ever since she was two.

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