Reviewed by Leigh A.

Everyone should have at least one good inspirational book on their bookshelf. It will get you through tough times by reminding you of the courage of your convictions. It will force you to re-examine the choices you’ve made – not as mistakes but as corrections you might want to make. And, like any good book, it will grab your attention no matter when you decide to pick it up.

And if you’re still searching for that one good book, The Skinny on Success should be your next read. Using a stick-figure couple who want to make their dreams come true, author Jim Randall talks about what it truly means to be successful. And as he quotes studies, research, and real-life examples of success, it becomes clear that the turning point for whether a person is successful is not an innate genius or talent. It’s recognizing the things you love, and are good at, and making the decision to take the time to master those skills.

Even if you aren’t a fan of animation, The Skinny on Success will draw you in. The simple stick figure drawings quickly lock you into the story and keep the reading pace brisk. The Cliffs Notes style not only gets you excited to do more research on your own, but gives suggestions about where to start. My all-time favorite inspirational book What Color is Your Parachute does it for the workings of the job market. The Skinny on Success does it equally well for the workings of the spirit.

The book is admittedly, not perfect. The name-dropping can start to stagger the pace of things. (How does the fact that the author knows actors like Chevy Chase give weight to anecdotes about them?) A revealing personal story about how the author dealt with a seemingly inescapable financial situation will make you [amazonify]0981893597[/amazonify]sympathize with him. Then it will make you wonder why he’s in the business of real estate without a better understanding of small-town politics and the backlash against globalization.

But if these imperfections weren’t there, the book would feel more like a manual and less a friendly chat with a successful business contact. And it’s the connection to real life that hooks the reader.

This book is a message of hope to anyone who has dreamed an impossible dream, or anyone in the process of trying to make their dreams a reality. The Skinny on Success will remain on bookshelves as a source of inspiration for years to come.

Leigh is a fearless writer who never met a genre, subject, or format she didn’t like. She has written professionally for the past six years and enjoys biking, exploring odd corners of Northeast Ohio, and discovering those good books she hasn’t read yet.

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