Reviewed by Joanne L.

Not quite a biology book or a user’s manual, The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex contains aspects of both those things. The contents include ‘Sex in Nature’, ‘Regular Sex’ and the final chapter, ‘The Future of Sex’.

And, in between, the authors cover the history of sex, masturbation, gayness, and much more.

And no, this is not a serious manual that you would seek out when you are explaining the birds and the bees to your child, this is more a manual you would seek out when you have a few minutes and want to read something quick and silly. Or, maybe you just want the thrill of reading about something that you haven’t quite thought about before in the realm of sex.

In the “Dark Side of Sex” chapter, you can take the opportunity to determine your name if you become a porn star. The ‘original’ method is reviewed (name of first pet plus the street you grew up on) (Kitty Canterbury is writing this review!) and presented as a scientific formula.

Schall and Blomquist have developed their own method and included it in the book calling it the Improved Porn Name Formula. They suggest using your favorite alcoholic beverage plus your biggest insecurity. So, Kitty Canterbury sounded pretty classy to me, but the new formula allows me to change my name as I change my preferences and insecurities.

With this new formula, I am currently Wild Turkey In-Debt – which might make a better aging, dissolute porn star name. They mention Mudslide Commitment and Julep Incontinence to help you get into the spirit of the activity.

[amazonify]0811871266[/amazonify]In the section on masturbation is a short story titled, “World Masturbation Day” set sometime in the future when a recent vice presidential candidate is in her 60’s. During this day, “All the wars ended, at least for a day.” Janie, the protagonist, is excited … “She always felt too reserved to touch herself, but when the whole world came out to do it she gave in to peer pressure.” Janie runs into another character named “Rush” and together they seek out the former VP candidate. Imagine what could happen….

And that is pretty much what the authors did throughout The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. They took something a bit factual or contemporary and worked it to greater and greater silliness under the broad banner of sex.

So, here is a book that gives some breadth to sex in amusing and very diverse ways. There may be someone in your life that will get a real kick out of this book – and maybe it will be you. And, if you have children that you don’t want seeing the book, they even have a series of suggestions about where to hide it. Now, that’s a full-service sex book!

Joanne is an organization development and human resources professional with a business background living in Ohio. She has lived in Europe, Africa (including her Peace Corps service in South Africa), and arround the United States. She loves to plays volleyball, read, write, and has a cat named Ender.

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