Reviewed by Jen Greyson

Sea Witch, the first book of the trilogy introduces the pirate, Jesamiah, to the witch, Tiola. Jesamiah loves the freedom of the pirate life, until he meets the smart, mysterious Tiola. They become lovers and must flee to the sea to escape a dangerous suitor and Jesemiah’s brother.

Sea Witch could have been a great book. The premise is clever and Hollick shows promise as a writer. Unfortunately, the moment I started learning about one character, Hollick yanked me out, changing the point of view so often I couldn’t concentrate on the story. The narrator too often told me how the characters felt instead of showing me and letting me figure it out alongside the characters, which didn’t allow me to connect to Jesamiah and Tiola as deeply as I wanted. From the first page, I wanted to care about these characters, but the author got in the way.

The publisher is a small press, and the typesetting didn’t do this book any favors.

Between the head-hopping, telling, and quarter-inch margins, I’m forced to give The Sea Witch a 2, but it easily could have been a 3.5-4 with the help of a good editor.

Rating: 2/5

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