Reviewed by Caleb Shadis

The Road to Rome by Ben Kane is the third and final(?) book in the Forgotten Legion series. I gave final a question mark because even though it was a good finish, there was enough question of what Romulus was going to do next for another book to be possible. As far as The Road to Rome is concerned, I think it held up well. The second book, The Silver Eagle, did not quite have the same effect on me as the first, The Forgotten Legion, and I think The Road to Rome was a great way to wrap up the series.

The book starts off exactly where the The Silver Eagle left off, with Romulus and Tarquinius having just been conscripted into the Roman legion in Egypt. Having caught a glimpse of Romulus, Fabiola is in a boat being rowed out to a ship that will take her away from the rebellion and back to Rome. After being separated for almost eight years, both are given a moral boost knowing that the other still lives.

Fabiola goes forward with her plans to have her ‘father’ murdered for the rape of her mother. She convinces Brutus to let her buy the Lupanar, the famous brothel she had once been a prostitute in. Fabiola thinks it will be an easy way to find those willing to help her execute her plan. Little does she know that another shadow from her past will make her life a lot more difficult.

Romulus was drafted and is on campaign with Julius Caesar as he attempts to quell the rebellion in Egypt. He eventually gets in trouble but through his punishment he receives the greatest prize he ever hoped for. He eventually meets back up with Fabiola only to have disappointment thrown in his path again.

Overall, I found The Road to Rome to be another excellent book that is sure to transport the readers back to ancient Rome. It portrays both the grandeur and the filth that went hand in hand in the empire. If you like stories about Rome and the ancient societies give this series a try.

Rating: 4/5

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